Community contributions

Here you can get inspired and discover new possibilities that our active and talented community brings. You will find links that include innovative 3D models, useful tutorials, extensions, and code modifications that take Picopad's capabilities to the next level. Join our community and share your own contributions so that users can fully utilize the potential of Picopad.

Discover the fantastic 3D model case created by Vladimír Waas. This case provides an ideal solution for those who don't prefer the open-sided design of Picopad. With its detailed design, this case offers protection and aesthetically pleasing appearance for your console. Simply download the model and print it on a 3D printer. Get a great alternative to the classic design.
Tomáš Večeřa is the author of this simple template for creating software for the handheld device Picopad. This repository is based on the Picopad SDK and provides a template that is ready for development and compilation using CLion and CMAKE.
This repository contains a fork of the Picopad SDK, built on the Pico SDK. The goal was to add the capability to use libraries for the Pico SDK on the Picopad.
This is a GameBoy emulator for the Picopad, based on the Peanut-GB project. The result of the build is a .PP2 file that can be uploaded to Picopad via alternative bootloader. Please note that the sound is not functional.
This 3D model consists of button covers and a D-pad for directional control. It brings a new dimension to playing on the Picopad. Thanks to its precise design, the buttons and D-pad simply snap onto the original buttons without the need for glue. J.K. showed us how we can improve Picopad and make playing even more comfortable. Thank you J.K. for this great contribution!
This emulator is based on the code MikeDX/z80emu. It also uses parts of code from other emulators: QtSpecem emulator - TAP file loading, ZX-ESPectrum - Z80 file loading, Ziga Ramsak's ZX Spectrum - SNA file loading.
A small frame by @Loxcom that hides a misaligned or improperly powered display!
A playable preview of the DOOM game for Picopad by @Svermigo. It lacks FPS optimization, sound, and the intro animations need some tweaks.
Armachat - text communication based on LoRa technology. Experience the freedom of communication without borders, operators, networks, or fees!!! Create your own network, your own rules!!! You can find the precompiled version here.